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Brazilian Roundtable opens space for sustainable livestock in the public sector in Brasília.The group met in the Federal District to present their initiatives and pave the way for future projects.Re

The group met in the Federal District to present their initiatives and pave the way for future projects.

Representatives of the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock were in Brasília from February 27 to March 10 for a series of meetings with ministries, secretariats, embassies, and other groups and associations that are part of the Brazilian agribusiness sector.

According to João Schimansky Netto, Vice President of the Roundtable, the visit aimed to present the initiatives promoted by the Brazilian Roundtable in favor of sustainability in Latin American livestock farming and pave the way for future partnerships, promoting the development of a sector increasingly aligned between public and private entities.

"Through these meetings, we are strengthening our presence in the public sphere. We have reserved this time in Brasília to present the Roundtable to relevant agencies on the topic of sustainable livestock farming and to strengthen ties with a view to future projects and partnerships," highlights the Vice President.

The approach to the public sector was already an agenda item since last year, following a strategic planning meeting held by the Group with its members, which defined actions for the next five years.

"We started 2023 with concrete advocacy plans. Being more present in Brasília and closer to public bodies related to livestock was a demand from our members in the 2022 Strategic Planning, which has now turned into practical action. We will continue with more agendas throughout the year with the certainty that we will reap positive results for the development of sustainability in Brazilian livestock farming," says Luiza Bruscato, Executive Director of GTPS.

**Agenda in Brasília**

During the two weeks of presentations, the Brazilian Roundtable met with the Embassies of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in Brazil, as well as the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), and the Brazil-Germany Agripolitical Dialogue.

Meetings were also held with the Brazilian Association of Meat Exporting Industries (ABIEC), the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries (ABIOVE), the World Bank, the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA), the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA) and the CNA Institute, APEX Brazil, the Agro Thought Institute (IPA), and the NGO Proforest.

**International Agenda**

Since last year, GTPS has been reinforcing its presence beyond Brazilian borders. In 2022, several actions were taken, including participation in events, discussion groups, and international conferences. The project continues in 2023, with trips already organized to Colombia, presence in the Executive Committee of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, and meetings with embassies.

**GTPS Representatives in Brasília**

**Internal Team**

Sergio Schuler – President

João Schimansky Netto – Vice President

Luiza Bruscato – Executive Director

**GTPS Members**

Silvio Balduino - Associação Pantaneira de Pecuária Orgânica e Sustentável (ABPO)

Carlos Eduardo Simões Corrêa - Frigol

Eduardo Cruzetta - ABPO

Pedro Burnier - Amigos da Terra

Marcelo Posonski – Proforest

Eugênio Pantoja - IPAM

**Meeting Participants**

Paul van de Logt – Agricultural Counselor at the Embassy of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands

Ramon Gerrits – Agricultural Attaché at the Embassy of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands

Ana Paula Gutierrez - Manager of International Climate and Sustainable Agriculture Financing for the British Government in Brazil

Ingo Melchers – Director of the Brazil-Germany Agripolitical Dialogue

Leonardo Bichara Rocha - Senior Economist at the World Bank

Márcio Rezende - Deputy Secretary of Agricultural Defense

Bruno Cotta - General Coordinator of Animal Transit and Quarantine

Andrea Perez - Head of Department

Rodrigo Padovani - General Coordinator of Analysis and Review of Normative Acts

Gabriel Borges - Federal Agricultural Auditor

Sibelle de Andrade Silva - Director of the Department of Support for Agricultural Innovation

Alessandro Cruvinel - National Program Coordinator at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply

Bruno Meireles Leite - International Affairs Coordinator

Nelson Ananias Filho - Sustainability Coordinator at CNA

João Paulo Franco da Silveira - Animal Production Coordinator at CNA

Rafael Filho - Technical Advisor at CNA

Matheus Ferreira – Deputy Executive Director at the CNA Institute

Danielle Schneider – CNA Institute

Sueme Mori Andrade – Director of International Relations at CNA

Matheus Dias de Andrade – Technical Advisor in the International Relations Department at CNA

Edimilson Alves - Director General of the Agro Thought Institute

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