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Mesa Brasileira participates in Live Tira Dúvidas: 2nd Canal Rural Prize

On July 12, Canal Rural hosted a live event to address questions about the 2nd edition of the Prêmio Planeta Campo. During the online event, Yahell Bonfim presented the award and the registration platform, while participants answered questions received live.

The participants included representatives from the award's partner institutions: Luiza Bruscato, Executive Director of the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (MBPS); Ladislau Skorupa, researcher at Embrapa; Roldo Godoi, manager at InteGrow; Eduardo de Sousa Martins, president of GAAS Brasil; and Ilana Marques, project analyst at Instituto Ethos.

“It’s a pleasure to be part of the second edition of the award. The participation of rural producers is very important because when we analyze the testimonials, we can give visibility to the sustainable processes already practiced in agriculture and show the world that agribusiness is part of the solution to climate change,” Luiza commented in her opening remarks.

During the event, important points were discussed about best ESG practices and what will be evaluated in each category: small, medium, and large rural producers and agribusiness, as well as environmental issues, more efficient land use, governance, and management.

Luiza Bruscato highlighted examples of best practices that assess whether meat production is sustainable. “One aspect we can look at is how to make pastures more efficient. For example, with rotational grazing management, it is possible to have high productivity and maintain biodiversity. Another important aspect is related to animal welfare; for example, compliance with sanitary issues and proper nutritional management during rainy and dry seasons.”

The live event continued with audience questions about filling out the form, saving data, category divisions, governance and management, among other topics.

One question was directed to the Executive Director of the Brazilian Roundtable about what can indicate good governance practices on a property. Luiza commented that these are processes used for decision-making, risk management, and economic analysis. People management can also be considered, such as career planning for employees working on the property.

“A fundamental aspect is the family succession plan, and finally, the sustainability report, which includes the property's social, economic, and environmental performance. I believe that by participating in the award, it is possible to collect information to develop a future sustainability report for the property,” Luiza commented.

Luiza concluded by recommending the website of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBCG) as a reference for materials on what these governance processes entail. (

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