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Payments for environmental services will be on the GTPS agenda in 2020

A series of regional workshops and methods of payment for environmental services are among the agendas of the working group for this year; check out the other focuses.

In an interview with Giro do Boi on Monday, the 13th, Luiza Bruscato, the executive coordinator of GTPS, the Sustainable Livestock Working Group, outlined the main agendas of the group for the year 2020.

According to Bruscato, it is encouraging to see that cattle ranchers are increasingly interested in sustainability, while the working group provides tools for defining concepts, assessing, and continuously improving sustainability in beef production.

"Our main goals are to work on and expand the use of GIPS within the production chain, mainly with cattle ranchers. For this, we are organizing workshops in various regions of Brazil," highlighted the coordinator.

GIPS, the Guide to Sustainable Livestock Indicators, is a questionnaire that cattle ranchers respond to in order to understand, through a report based on their performance, the level of sustainability of their farm in various aspects. The guide also serves industries in the sector and civil society organizations. "It is a tool for self-assessment and continuous improvement. There is a GIPS for each of the categories, for producers, slaughterhouses, civil society organizations. [...] And the intention is that the producer, the rancher, or the institution, upon completing it, receive a report through which they can understand at what levels they are in terms of sustainability within various aspects - environmental, management, workers. [...] Questions about management level, productivity, legislation, how they are complying with environmental and labor legislation, these are the indicators we have," illustrated Bruscato.

"In addition, we will also organize a conference this year, the 2020 Conference on Sustainable Livestock. About this one, I don't have more details yet, but it will probably take place in July," the executive anticipated.

"Another issue we will work on this year is some technical content, for example, innovations and technologies in livestock farming. At the end of last year, we approached some startups, with the livestock hub here in Piracicaba, and they were even present at our seminar. And with this approach, we will discuss more about the theme of innovation and technology, which is very important. In addition, we will also work on the topics of animal welfare, payments for environmental services, and carbon balances," she revealed.

"This is one of the roles of GTPS, to work so that the producer with sustainable production is first recognized, and that this added value brings a return to him, this is one of the main aspects that GTPS is working on," she informed.

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