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Podcast Neither Denialism Nor Apocalypse

**Episode 63 of the podcast "Nem Negacionismo Nem Apocalipse." In this program, economists Gesner Oliveira and Luccas Saqueto, and administrator Artur Vilella Ferreira talk with Luiza Bruscato, Executive Manager at the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (GTPS).**

The Sustainable Livestock Working Group (GTPS) - Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock - brings together all links in the beef cattle chain to discuss priority issues in the sector and promote sustainable development. The challenge is to demystify issues surrounding agribusiness and strengthen this key sector of the Brazilian economy.

➡️ **Luiza comments** that Brazilian agribusiness, operating under a model that respects the Forest Code, uses advanced technologies, and has high productivity, is one of the most sustainable models on the planet. There are still numerous challenges for all Brazilian farms to comply with these standards, but it can be said that such an agribusiness model is one of the solutions for natural carbon sequestration and the future of carbon credit markets.

➡️ **An interesting initiative of GTPS** is the Sustainable Livestock Indicators Guide (GIPS), a free tool that provides rural producers with an overview of their path to sustainability. The guide presents a report based on 35 indicators related to the pillars of management, communities, workers, the environment, and the value chain, functioning as a snapshot of the producer's position regarding sustainable livestock. From the results, a manual is provided with the next steps to advance in this aspect.

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