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Leading businesses toward a human-centered, regenerative transition

Luiza Bruscato

🌱 Passionate about sustainability, I have dedicated the last 14 years of my career to addressing environmental issues, with a keen focus on agribusiness. As the Global Executive Director of RTRS, I lead initiatives that drive positive change in the industry.

🌍 Throughout my professional journey, I have honed my skills in relationship building, conflict resolution, and public speaking. My natural ability to foster connections has allowed me to cultivate a robust network of multi-stakeholder contacts. I believe in the power of collaboration and strive to create win-win opportunities for all parties involved.

🗣️ Sharing knowledge is at the core of my mission. Over the years, I have had the privilege of delivering talks, webinars, and classes, contributing to the exchange of experiences within the sustainability community.

What I offer

With vast expertise in meat and soy, we integrate a comprehensive view of production systems, using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to promote sustainability. With a holistic approach and international experience, we are at the forefront of the regenerative transition.




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