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Agrigooders signs partnership with GTPS to promote sustainable livestock farming // Mesa Brasileira signs partnership that will bring financial benefits to sustainable producers in GIPS

The goal is for producers who implement sustainable practices to be monetized for it.

Agrigooders, the sustainable digital currency for agriculture created in partnership with SIA – Agribusiness Intelligence Service, Dreams & Purpose Consulting, and Gooders, has established a partnership with the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (GTPS). The goal is to unite sustainability-driven purposes, promoting the productive chain of livestock farming. The GIPS – Sustainable Livestock Indicators Guide – a tool created by GTPS to assess the sustainability level of farms, will be used to validate the sustainable actions implemented by rural producers, which will be monetized via Agrigooders.

According to Rafael Brauner, CEO of Agrigooders, the partnership with GTPS is crucial as they are aligned with the same purpose of promoting and adding value to sustainability in livestock farming. “It is important to have the Brazilian Roundtable as our first strategic partner. With the partnership, producers who implement sustainable practices will receive the digital currency, which can be exchanged for discounts at more than X establishments,” he notes.

The partnership also includes the implementation of a proof of concept (PoC) with nearly 1,000 producers registered in the GTPS tool, GIPS. Those who declare good practices in their productions and score well after the evaluation will also be rewarded with Agrigooders.

“We will bring concrete benefits to rural producers who are attentive to sustainability issues,” says Luiza Bruscato, Executive Director of GTPS. “This is an unprecedented step we are taking to fulfill our mission and encourage the pursuit of increasingly sustainable pathways in Brazilian livestock farming,” she adds.

Monetizing sustainability

Agrigooders’ proposal is to monetize the global market for socio-environmental services payments generated by the sustainable agricultural production system in a simple and direct manner, significantly accelerating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the sector.

The idea is that a whole set of good actions and sustainability in various environments of the productive chain can be capitalized. As a result, it is expected that the field will accelerate its positive agenda, and the Agrigooders currency can be used by its beneficiaries in partner retail stores, whether rural or urban supply shops. In the second phase, the proposal is for it to be valued and traded as cryptocurrency directly in the financial market.

Sustainability in livestock farming discussed from end to end in the chain

The Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock brings together all links in the beef production chain with a common goal: to promote sustainability in livestock farming. There are over 60 associated organizations in the categories: rural producers, input and service companies, slaughterhouses and industries, retailers and restaurants, financial institutions, and civil society representatives.

Major sector players, relevant organizations, startups, and prominent companies in Brazilian agribusiness join forces, bring different perspectives, share experiences, and align concepts on relevant and trending topics in the livestock scenario to drive the affirmation that it is possible to produce beef while maintaining biodiversity.

Learn about GTPS's work:

Sustainable Livestock Indicators Guide

Among GTPS's contributions to society is the GIPS – Sustainable Livestock Indicators Guide. The completely free tool helps rural producers assess the sustainability level of their farm activities. To do this, the user must register and complete a questionnaire with indicators related to the environment, business management (profitability), and people (workers), and the impact on the local community.

After completing it, the platform generates a report with information about the current moment in the sustainability journey and what can be improved, and it also points out ways to do so. The strategies can result in market differentiation and, consequently, increased profitability.

Learn about GIPS:

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