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‘Brazilian meat does not depend on illegal deforestation’ says Luiza Bruscato

**Berlin Engagements**

In Berlin, Luiza Bruscato, Executive Director of the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (MBPS), met with representatives of the German Ministry of Agriculture to discuss the guidelines and impacts of the European Green Deal on organic production in both Germany and Brazil.

**Participation in Land & Carbon Lab’s 2023 Summit**

Last month, MBPS participated in the Land & Carbon Lab’s 2023 Summit in Brussels, Belgium. During the event, Bruscato joined the panel “Breaking Barriers in Grassland Monitoring,” which focused on the role of grasslands in global climate targets and solutions for monitoring these areas.

Bruscato emphasized that Brazilian meat production does not rely on illegal deforestation and that well-managed pastures contribute not only to farm profitability but also have the potential to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. These factors, she argued, make the Brazilian agricultural sector competitive in the international arena, both economically and environmentally.

**Call to Action for Scientific Impact**

Taking advantage of the platform, Bruscato invited event participants to consider how scientific information can positively impact rural workers and assist them in the necessary transformation processes to combat climate change.

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