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Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock Participates in the 88th Edition of ExpoZebu

The Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (MBPS) was present at the 88th edition of the International Exhibition of Zebu Breeds (ExpoZebu), the largest Zebu cattle fair in the world. During the event, our Executive Director, Luiza Bruscato, attended the 1st Zebu Carbon Neutral Seminar, participated in the National Beef Cattle Committee meeting, and gave a live interview to ABCZ TV.

With the theme "Sustainable Livestock Generating Wealth," the 1st Zebu Carbon Neutral Seminar brought together various experts in related fields to technically address legislation and the carbon credit market. The seminar was broadcast live and is available on the ABCZ YouTube channel here.

The meeting of the National Beef Cattle Committee of CNA focused on presenting the proposal for individual traceability, developed by state agriculture and livestock federations, and sector entities, which is currently under review by the Beef Production Chain Sectorial Chamber. At the end of the meeting, our director had the opportunity to present the history, achievements, and activities of the Brazilian Roundtable to the assembled board.

For more information, visit the CNA website here.

You can also watch Luiza's full interview with ABCZ TV, given on May 1, where she spoke about the organization's name change and the work and themes addressed by the Brazilian Roundtable. Watch it here (starts at 5:15:23).

Promoted by the Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders (ABCZ), the 2023 edition generated approximately R$133 million from cattle auctions, setting a new record compared to last year. The event, held from May 1 to 7 at Parque Fernando Costa in Uberaba (MG), brought together cattle ranchers, breeders, technicians, veterinarians, agronomists, zootechnicians, academics, and sector enthusiasts.

For more information, visit: ExpoZebu.

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