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GTPS Appoints New Vice President

GTPS Gains New Vice President

João Schimansky Netto, Procurement Manager at Norvida in Brazil, will take over the position from rural producer Caio Penido

Starting in July, the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (GTPS) will be under new vice-presidency. Rural producer Caio Penido is stepping down from the role, which will now be filled by João Schimansky Netto, Procurement Manager at Norvida in Brazil. This change had been planned since the last election in 2021, when Netto was elected as the first alternate member of the Executive Committee.

As a representative of the Retail and Restaurants category, Netto aims to make GTPS the benchmark for sustainable livestock in Brazil and worldwide. “Now, being even closer, I want to contribute by showcasing the strengths of Brazil's production process and helping to improve the use of good practices that are fundamental to the sustainability of our country and our business,” emphasizes the new vice president of GTPS.

“Netto is a key figure who will greatly contribute to GTPS by representing the retail sector, especially at a time when the European legislation on exports is being discussed. As GTPS, we must address the interests of Brazilian producers while also providing solutions to European importers. He certainly has the qualifications, experience, and representativeness for this role and is eager to work,” says Caio Penido.

“GTPS is about renewal! I leave fulfilled and happy with my work and thank the Executive Committee and the entire operational team. I see great horizons ahead for the Group, and I remain here, ready to help in any way I can,” concludes the producer, who also served as GTPS president from 2018 to 2021.

Alongside current president Sergio Schuler and treasurer Aline Aguiar, João Schimansky Netto will continue the work until mid-2024.

Multistakeholder Management

The Group's Executive Manager, Luiza Bruscato, highlights that the multistakeholder characteristic of the Executive Committee is a factor that positively contributes to solutions. “Among the president, vice president, and treasurer, we always have three different categories, which complements the understanding of issues and elevates the level of our outputs,” she says.

She adds, “Changes are welcome, and I am sure that Netto will bring valuable knowledge from being at the end of the chain, dealing with market pressures, and will also help us communicate better with the final consumer.”

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