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GTPS begins multisectoral discussion on land use change

The Land Working Group is coordinated by the NWF leader in Brazil, Francisco Beduschi.

With the purpose of promoting guidelines for a livestock chain with a net positive balance in land use, the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (GTPS) initiated the Land Working Group (WG) in August. The activities are coordinated by Francisco Beduschi, the leader of the non-governmental organization National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in Brazil.

The WG's defined responsibilities include harmonizing concepts regarding land-use change, discussing the monitoring of land-use change in livestock farming, and developing an understanding of how the monitoring information is used by the Brazilian livestock chain.

To execute the activities, ten meetings are scheduled between August 2022 and March 2023. At the end, the results will be delivered through a report and a webinar, both public and available on the GTPS website.

"The purpose of the group is to understand the figures related to land-use change in Brazil and how we can contribute to sustainable land use in livestock farming while maintaining productivity growth," emphasizes the WG coordinator.

Multistakeholder Debate

With exclusive participation for GTPS members, the debates involve the six links of the beef production chain: rural producers, input and service companies, industries, retailers and restaurants, financial institutions, and civil society.

"We organize working groups to discuss pertinent issues in Brazilian beef cattle farming. The topics are thoroughly debated with the different links of the production chain, as well as invited researchers and specialists," explains GTPS Executive Manager Luiza Bruscato.

In addition to the Land WG, there are currently active WGs on Traceability, which continues work related to the topic initiated in 2021, and on Climate, which addresses issues related to greenhouse gas emissions in livestock farming.

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