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GTPS conducts training focused on sustainability in livestock farming

**Scheduled for October is the Sustainable Livestock Training. Organized by GTPS – Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock – the training is aimed at agribusiness professionals who want to deepen their knowledge related to sustainability, add a new service to their portfolio, or even apply it on their own farm.**

“It is a robust training, with 16 hours dedicated to the main ESG agenda topics for beef cattle, based on the GIPS, our Sustainable Livestock Indicators Guide,” explains Luiza Bruscato, Executive Manager of GTPS. According to her, the subjects are divided into the same five principles of the Guide: management, communities, workers, environment, and value chain.

In addition to updating on how to apply sustainability within the farm gates, those who complete the training are certified as GIPS Accredited Applicators. “In the end, they will be able to offer a new service to rural producers, assisting those who want to progress on the sustainability journey, and will have access to exclusive materials and specialized technical support throughout the accreditation period,” says Luiza.

**Fully online, the training will take place via Zoom on October 24 and 31. Limited to 50 participants, the training is free* for GTPS members and costs R$ 1,600.00 per person for non-members. More information and registration by October 21 via email at**



- **Date:** October 24 and 31, 2022

- **Time:** 8 AM to 6 PM

- **Location:** 100% remote via Zoom

- **Cost:** Free* for GTPS members and R$ 1,600.00 for non-members

*up to 10 cumulative slots per member organization

- **Registration deadline:** October 21

**For more information and registration, email**

**About GIPS**

The Sustainable Livestock Indicators Guide (GIPS) is a management and measurement tool for livestock, focused on assisting rural producers in their sustainability journey. Validated by all links in the chain, it is completely free, and the data provided is confidential.

After filling out indicators divided into five principles (management, communities, workers, environment, and value chain), three reports are generated: an assessment of the activity's sustainability level, a regional performance comparison, and a support manual with the next steps towards continuous improvement in sustainability.

The tool is based on Brazilian legislation, good practice protocols, and global sustainability principles. “GIPS is a management instrument that enables the establishment of actions, investment guidelines, and communication strategies that can result in market differentiation and, consequently, financial increase,” states the Group's Executive Manager.

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