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Brazilian Roundtable (MBPS) will be part of the Executive Committee of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB)

Updated: Feb 4

Luiza Bruscato, the executive director of the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (GTPS), has been elected as a member-at-large of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB). The voting took place last Wednesday (14), and the Brazilian representative was chosen by the majority of the administrative committee members.

She will assume the position at the beginning of 2023 with a two-year mandate. In a broad sense, a member-at-large is a generalist member who is part of the Executive Committee, the highest hierarchy within the global group. The primary responsibility of this new role is to address regional issues and represent other members in internal meetings.

"Having a local representative on the Global Roundtable was a demand raised by various members from Latin America. Many of the goals and strategies of GRSB were not being considered in light of our scenario, and my main focus will be precisely to bring regional perspectives to the global stage," commented Luiza.

Inspired by the GTPS model itself, the Global Roundtable brings together organizations from around the world that represent different links in the value chain to discuss and find pathways for increasingly sustainable beef production. Institutions and individual members from more than 24 countries are part of GRSB.

"We are increasingly occupying international spaces. In 2022, we participated in events in the United States, Belgium, and Ireland. Now we have new challenges in 2023, but always with a focus on GTPS's mission to promote the development of sustainability in livestock and show the world that Brazilian beef is already the most sustainable," emphasized the director.

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