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Looking Back, All the Dots Connect...

I went through a coaching process (for the second time) and again came across the list of values I had written three years ago. It's amazing how our values remain the same and how the talents I had identified are intensifying and becoming more present in recent months of work.

The difference from before to now is that every time I connect with myself and get closer to my essence, I attract more people with similar values, the same harmony and vibration. Every time I put my talents at the service of the world, the more I feel part of the whole. The more connected I become.

The process of self-knowledge is a spiral. Sometimes it spins faster, sometimes it seems to be in the same place, stagnant, sometimes it seems to have gone backwards. In recent days, I have been in deeper contact with myself and went through a theta healing process to review some limiting beliefs. In the days following the process, I started to feel reverberations, to have dreams that were clearing my unconscious, bringing to light shadows that I didn't want to look at. How necessary it is to look at this and bring light. The moment we illuminate it, that dark corner integrates into who we are, and when we accept that we are all of this, imperfections and all, we perceive ourselves as whole.

I am grateful for all the processes that brought me here. They were not few. Close friends know about my adventures... therapies, immersions, family constellations, coaching, courses, lives, books, conversations, music, and even series that brought me insights to heal something inside me that needed to be seen, recognized, and integrated.

This journey has been happening more perceptibly and intensely over the last seven years and is likely to continue until the last day of my life.

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