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More efficient use of land in livestock farming is covered in webinar

### Webinar Announcement: Directions for a More Efficient Land Use in the Livestock Chain

The Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (MBPS) will present guidelines for a more efficient land use in the Brazilian livestock chain in a webinar on August 16, 2023, at 4 PM, on the MBPS YouTube Channel. The event, organized by the Sustainable Livestock Forum and sponsored by member organizations Minerva Foods and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), will showcase the results of the first cycle of the Land Working Group (GT).

The discussions and outputs of the GT have been crucial for harmonizing terms and general concepts, deepening the group's knowledge on monitoring land use and land-use change. Additionally, the GT established Terms of Commitment and developed a guide for using data from key sources for monitoring and land use by the Brazilian cattle production chain.

A common understanding of general terms related to land-use change provided a solid foundation, aiming to harmonize concepts and bring scientific clarity to definitions, which can be accessed here.

“The document addresses various concepts such as conservation and preservation, zero deforestation, gross deforestation and net deforestation, land regularization, pasture classification, and Ecological-Economic Zoning (ZEE). Understanding these terms and their differences is fundamental for promoting more responsible agricultural practices aligned with sustainability goals and contributing to a more assertive and responsible approach to livestock farming, considering different regional contexts and production aptitudes,” commented Francisco Beduschi Neto, coordinator of the GT.

The creation of Terms of Commitment for the categories Industries (slaughterhouses) and Producers was a significant deliverable to engage member organizations in promoting more sustainable livestock farming. Levels, timelines, and ambitions were set for each of the two links in the chain.

“The Terms of Commitment aim to engage member organizations in the Producers and Industries (slaughterhouses) categories in implementing actions and strategies that seek a more efficient land-use livestock chain. It was important to discuss ideal methodologies and practices to achieve these ambitions, creating a baseline for the category and enabling temporal measurement,” stated Beduschi.

The dissemination of knowledge, adoption of best practices, and the pursuit of responsible information use are crucial steps to make livestock farming more responsible, ensuring environmental preservation, social well-being, and economic viability of the sector.

For Luiza Bruscato, Executive Director of the Brazilian Roundtable, the GT's deliverables confirm MBPS's commitment to its mission of promoting sustainable livestock farming. “The Land GT demonstrates the Brazilian Roundtable's effort to establish clear guidelines, promote sustainable practices in Brazilian livestock farming, and stimulate the understanding and responsible use of information, always considering the importance of livestock in the Brazilian economy.”

**Land GT 2022**

The activities of the Land GT were coordinated by Francisco Beduschi Neto, Brazil leader of NWF. In total, there were 12 meetings, totaling more than 18 hours of sessions between August 2022 and June 2023.


**Webinar:** Directions for a More Efficient Land-Use Livestock Chain

**Date:** August 16 (Wednesday)

**Time:** 4 PM BRT

**Confirmed Participants:** Luiza Bruscato and Beatriz Pressi (Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock); Francisco Beduschi Neto (NWF); Carlos Barbieri (Norvida); Fernando Dias (Embrapa); Juliana Perez Alonso Corrêa (AgroSB); and Nathália Teles (LAPIG).

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**About the Working Groups**

As a value delivered to its members, the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock organizes working groups to discuss emerging issues in Brazilian cattle farming. The topics are discussed in depth with various links in the production chain, as well as invited researchers and specialists. Currently, the Traceability GT is in its third cycle, working on a national public policy for traceability; and in the second half of the year, the Climate and Animal Welfare GTs will be active.

**About the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock**

The Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock brings together all links in the beef production chain with a common goal: to promote sustainability in livestock farming. It includes nearly 70 member organizations in the categories: producers, input and service companies, industries, retailers and restaurants, financial institutions, and civil society representatives.

Major sector players, relevant organizations, startups, and leading companies in Brazilian agribusiness join forces, contributing different perspectives, bringing experiences, and aligning concepts on relevant and trending topics in livestock farming to reinforce the statement that it is possible to produce beef while maintaining biodiversity.

Learn more about our work at [](

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