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Strengthening sustainable livestock farming in Brazil

In 2007, as international and national pressure on deforestation rates reached new heights, a collective of leaders from Brazil's agricultural sector, including industry representatives, producers, and other civil organizations, established GTPS – the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock – the world's first organization dedicated to strengthening sustainable livestock farming.

GTPS includes member organizations from the six links of the beef production chain: rural producers; input and service companies; industries and slaughterhouses; retailers and restaurants; financial institutions; and civil society. “Today, we are more than 60 associated organizations that join forces, bring different perspectives, and share various experiences to discuss relevant and trending topics in the livestock sector,” asserts the Group's current president, Sergio Schuler.

Operating from end to end of the chain, GTPS has, over its 15-year history, become the “voice of sustainable livestock,” as the management likes to say. The Group’s working format inspired the creation of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) and motivated similar initiatives in 11 other countries and regions, including Canada, the United States, Europe, Colombia, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, and others.

In 2021, all its associated members made a public commitment to sustainable livestock, aiming not only to reinforce the conservation potential of the activity in Brazil but also to encourage the various actors in the production chain to unite efforts in this direction, including state and federal governments.

Luiza Bruscato, the Group’s executive manager, states that the organization aims to establish itself as a reference center on the subject, expand and strengthen the multistakeholder engagement of various chain actors, and be the voice of the sector, enhancing communication from the producer to the consumer.

One of the proposals is to foster a common understanding of the chain by discussing complex and emerging topics among its strategic audiences, including invited researchers and specialists. Currently, there are three active working groups: Climate (GHG emissions), Traceability, and Land (land-use change).

Regarding multistakeholder engagement, GTPS aims to promote goals and commitments across the beef cattle chain. In this area, the Group proposes and defines sustainability goals and indicators, builds and harmonizes pacts and commitments, and strengthens the Sustainable Livestock Indicators Guide (GIPS).

Finally, the communication axis, according to the Group, was created to be “the voice of the sector in Brazil and worldwide.” With the purpose of spreading the truth and publicizing the good practices of Brazilian beef cattle farming, they promote the Sustainable Livestock Forum and the Sustainable Livestock Initiatives Map (MIPS), among other initiatives.

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