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Tool Evaluates Sustainability Level in Beef Cattle Farming

A tool to assist in evaluating the sustainability level of farms is now available to beef cattle farmers. The GIPS, Sustainable Livestock Indicators Guide, identifies what needs improvement and suggests how to achieve it based on Brazilian legislation, good practice protocols, and global sustainability principles. To facilitate this, the SIA, Agribusiness Intelligence Service, now has nine accredited applicators to help farmers move towards sustainable growth in production systems.

GIPS is a tool from GTPS, the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock. The organization promotes the development of sustainable livestock farming through chain articulation, continuous improvement, and information dissemination, with SIA being one of its associated organizations.

According to GTPS Executive Manager Luiza Bruscato, GIPS provides guidelines in the form of indicators that help evaluate the sustainability level of the activity. “It is a support tool in this journey, offered for free, confidentially, and self-declaratory,” she states, highlighting that the tool is available on the website

GIPS evaluates the management and production system, as well as measures and compares performance. Among its benefits, Luiza emphasizes that “the tool serves as a management instrument that enables continuous improvement, the establishment of an action plan, investment guidelines, and credible communication strategies that can result in market differentiation,” she concludes.

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